Next Event – “Rusted Trombone” Poker Tournament

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I’ve been asked by a friend to provide the meal for his annual poker tournament.  This was a real complimen because he owns a restaurant in the area.

There will be about 30 players and 5 support staff for the tournament.  Should be fairly easy, right?  Not in my case, I have to work Friday night and most of Saturday.  Not sure what time I will get to the tournament.  So that means I have to prep all of the food in advance and leave instructions on how to heat it.

The menu is as follows:

Papa Perry’s Poppers
Ribeye steaks
Cheesy Potatoes
Green Beans cooked with bacon.

I’ll prep everything tonight at the location.  Drop of my Webers, Charcoal, etc.  Then hopefully get to the tournament in time to play.

Damzl PowderPuff Race for the Cure

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or how to cook for 700 people..
I volunteered my BBQ services to Damzl for a charity event they were running.  It was a PowderPuff race to benefit Cedars Sinai Breast Cancer Research.  There was supposed to be 150 teams consisting of a woman driver & woman co driver.  At the time I volunteered, I figured I would be cooking for a few hundred people.  About 3 weeks before the event, I was firming things up with Arnie from Damzl, he told me they were expecting 1200 people to be at the banquet!  Needless to say, I almost passed out when I heard that.  Of course, I said I can handle it, but I needed them to arrange for all of the food, side dishes, drinks, etc.  I also asked if they could get me a few BBQ’s as I did not have a large enough one to handle the volume.  They agreed.
I then put the call out to some of my Glamis buddies and had 4 people rise to the occasion. 
We showed up bright and early Saturday morning in the middle of the Mojave Desert (Near Barstow, CA)  We were shown were to set up, etc….  A few hours later a guy with a large smoker showed up to help.  I was still worried about my ability to pull it off. All of a sudden, 2 gentlemen showed up out of the desert shrub.  It was an offroad racer and his father.  They were originally going to cook for the event (only for the race officials and volunteers).  I guess I was the last guy to volunteer before he knew what he was getting into……  The father, Joe Cordova, has been a professional chef for 40 years.  Man was he a lifesaver!  He got down to business and showed me how a real pro cooks.  We got rolling with the BBQ’s and setting up all of the food that people brought. 
We had a few scares when the crowd of 200+ in line wanted to eat, but we were told to hold them off until all of the drivers got their awards.  Once we let the people loose it was mayhem.
Fortunately, only 86 of 150 cars showed up, so we had a smaller crowd than expected to cook for.  Unfortunately, we ended up having 18 cases (720lbs) of Chicken left over.  We were able to get one of the local guys to pack most of it in his truck and take it to a few homeless shelters in the area.
In addition to the money raised from the raffle and entry fees, we set out a donation jar.  I think we ended with $500+ more to donate.
What a day and an experience….
The best part for me was that my family was able to pitch in help
My friend Joe, put this neat little post about the event…. 

Check out pics….


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Well, I figured this may be a little better than the CMS I was using until I get something real created.

 I will try to  post about all of my cooking events and anything else I can think of.  I was not a person who kept a journal growing up, so we will see how I do.


Papa Perry

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