Glamis Halloween 2006

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We spent the weekend prior to Halloween at the ComPound.  We were passing Dunes Edge Storage when my buddy Enrico Pavia called me.  His Rhino had been hit head on by a buggy near Wash 10.  His buddy Alex was driving and had a possible broken hand.  Rico hit his head and had a possible concussion.  Could I drive Alex to the hospital.  Being the man, I said sure, let me unhook the trailer and head over.  Once I arrived at the ComPound, Robbie was still awake, so I borrowed his truck.  I ran over to Gecko Road, Pad 4 to pick up Alex.  We tried to convince Rico to go, but he did not want to.  I drove him into Brawley, to Pioneer Emergency room.  We arrived about 3:30am.  Finally about 6:00am, I asked about Alex.  They said they were going to transport him to San Diego.  I went in to visit.  No broken bones, but his hand was swollen the size of an orange.  I arranged for him to be picked up in San Diego. 

Returned to check on Rico, took him to the Ranger’s who thought he should go to the hospital, but it wasn’t as urgent.  He went back to his trailer to get a few hours sleep and go home. 

I finally returned to the  ComPound around 9:00 am (having been awake for 26.5 hours now).  Unloaded the bikes from the trailer so the kids could ride.  Was going to take a nap, but had to start the BBQ.  Decided to stay up all day until after the Halloween festivities.  I was in one of my rare forms before finally passing out around 12:30 am, having been awake for 42 hours.

Sunday I woke up, hung around and was finally going on a ride about noon.  I get a call from my sis, they needed a ride into town to fix their truck.  I went to Gecko Loop.  Ray fixed the truck by the time I arrived.  I left to visit a friend when Ray tracked me down to have me go to Olds.  Little Aaron was hit by another bike and was being rushed to the hospital.  Can I pick up his bike.  So off I went to Olds.  Picked up the bike, delivered it to Gecko Loop, while cheering up Amber. 

Aaron is home, had a slight concussion and will lose part of 1 finger.

Hopefully next weekend isn’t as hectic and I get on the bike for a ride…. 


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