My Illegal Immigration views

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OK, Jimmy Palacios wants my views on immigration and Social Services….

Our awesome country the United States of Americas was founded by ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS wanting a better life for their families, not unlike our illegal immigrants today. People fled England, Spain, Portugal. France and the rest of Western Europe for their Religious freedoms (remember I am an atheist and do not believe in fairy tales…) to the new world where they no rights…. People crossed the Pacific from Asia to help build this country….(Our ancestors were invading a continent which already had a rural society). The superior technology of the Western European invaders conquered the Natives who had been living in a relative peace for meany year.

This great Country that we call our own would not have been possible without all of the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT’S that we call our Fore Fathers…. Taking the land from people who had already established their own society.

If one of you can say that your are pure Native American, then you are a true American. For the rest of us, we are ILLEGAL’s as we our ancestors took this land from the true owners.

If you want to get rid of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, look to your ancestors first…

As for Social Services, I am a libertarian (not the political party…) I want as little government as possible, but still take care of those lees fortunate than me. As an Atheist, I don’t believe in a higher power like most sheeple do, but I do believe in taking care of those less fortunate than me….

To quote a great philosopher; “Can’t we All get along” – Rodney King

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